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2015-2017 Dodge Charger police cars: the third generation

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In 2016, the Charger gained a 12-inch display with a keyboard, trackpad, and trunk computer mount. We have personal impressions (click here).

2015-16 Dodge Charger Police Cars

Patrick Rall on driving the Charger Pursuit: "I did several hard laps in the pursuit, chasing an SRT 392 model. I was able to close on that far more powerful model through the curvy part of the track, but it would blow me away in the straights. I was pushing it hard, trying to catch that SRT, and compared to the R/T, I was able to brake much later from higher speeds.

"The Charger police car is still stiff, but it felt better on the road course than the civilian Charger R/T. Even with the staggered start on the track, I could run down a Charger R/T with a similarly skilled driver. If they could ditched the impact-rated steel police wheels and replaced them with a set of low profile tires on wide wheels, it would be a beast."

After showing their new 2015 Dodge Chargers in civilian form, Dodge unveiled the police cars, which keep the look of the civilian version while adding many changes for police use, from the seats to the stiffer suspensions and heavy-duty brakes.

Steel wheels and tires were chosen for impact resistance. The stiff suspension makes the car less comfortable than civilian versions, but increases the Charger's cornering abilities.

Even before 2015, Dodge worked on complaints by some police departments, beefing up front suspension components to increase durability and longevity.

The engines have both been tweaked, with 5 more pound-feet of torque from the V8 and different power peaks for both. Only the police get a new three-spoke thick rim sport steering wheel with larger, illuminated buttons, and programmable buttons for auxiliary equipment. Like the civilian models, police cars have UConnect 5, with hands-free phone connections, and the usual 7-inch color customizable instrument gauge cluster.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Police car Police
Developed with guidance from Dodge's Police Advisory Board is the 2015 Charger Pursuit's new systems interface module for easy equipment integration, police-duty front seats with bolstering that allows belt-mounted gear, and a column-mounted shifter with AutoStick to free up space for center-console mounted controls.

For 2016, the company added an integrated 12-inch display and optional wireless keyboard/trackpad, connected to a trunk-mounted computer, to eliminate the need for an aftermarket-mount computer. This increases safety and let Dodge reduce the console size, so that there is more room for the officers.

In addition, for 2015:

  • The 14.5-inch front and 13.8-inch rear pursuit-rated brake package became standard
  • Fuel economy increased
  • Electric steering increases reliability and efficiency, with no fluid to maintain
  • Front suspension bushing durability increased in RWD cars
  • Wig Wag prepared LEDs were added to the front headlamp assembly
  • The system gained input/output for radio mute, vehicle speed, and reverse and drive positions

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Engines carry over: a 292 horsepower V6 and a 370 horsepower V8 with 390 lb.-ft. of torque. There is, again, an AWD package.

2011 figuresCharger V6Charger Hemi
Horsepower292 @ 6350370 @ 5250
Torque260 @ 4800395 @ 4200
Redline6,400 rpm5,800 rpm
Weight (RWD)4,0394,271
Transmission5 speed5 speed
Hip room F/R56.2 / 56.1
Leg room F/R41.8 / 40.1
Trunk (cubic ft)16.5
EPA mpg18/2616/25 (RWD
15/23 (AWD)
Gear ratios2.65 std, 3.07 opt2.20 (2.55 opt RWD)
Ground clearance5.1 inches5.1 inches

The Charger Pursuit only comes with five-speed automatic transmissions, though civilians have an all-eight-speed lineup; ex-law-officer Bill Cawthon believes this is because the company has not yet decided to invest in a column shifter for the eight speed, even though, being an electronically controlled system, this is not a major undertaking. Dodge has claimed that police departments prefer the "tried and true" five speed because officers are accustomed to it and more gears might mean more training which means more money. Performance with the V6 is vastly different between the two, but there is likely a smaller gap with the 370-horsepower V8.

Electronics Technology Electronic device Audio equipment Machine

All Charger Pursuits come with a standard 220 amp alternator and 800 CCA battery. One piece lower control arms are only used on Charger V8 AWD. Two rack and pinion steering systems are used: pure electric on rear drive, and electro-hydraulic with AWD.

The drag coefficient has been dropped to 0.297 on all Pursuits. The frontal area is 26.2 square feet. V6 models have a 52/48 weight ratio, with V8 RWD having a 53/47 ratio. Tires are P225/60R18 Goodyear all-season performance models, with optional P245/55R18s. Wheels are steel for durability.

Front brakes have 14.5 x 1.26 vented rotors, with dual-piston sliding calipers in a cast iron housing. Rear rotors are 13.8 x 1.02, vented, with single-piston calipers.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Executive car
The base police prep package for the 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit includes:

  • Wire harness: to provide power, ground, and fusing for LED, lighting, siren, computer, modem, or camera systems. The harness integrates with the Vehicle Systems Interference Module (VSIM) 24-way connector and the 12-pin connector at the console.
  • Power distribution center (PDC): Supplied from the battery with twin 100-amp main fuses, this contains the fusing and relays for circuits in the wire harness. Two fuses are used, because some departments control some circuits with a timing device. For installers who want to use timer systems to prevent power drains on the battery, the PDC will accept the device's output and channel it to the usual elements controlled by timers, including camera, computer, modem, and printer systems.
  • Slide-out trunk tray: A stable, accessible platform for electrical equipment, the trunk tray provides a 37.5-inch by 19-inch mounting surface. A locking slides provide movement, while allowing technicians access to equipment. An industry-first integral ground buss bar helps eliminate poor grounding, the most common police equipment issue. The tray is adjustable. (See our 2012 photo below.)
  • Trunk air-circulation fan: Stabilizes trunk temperature and circulates air from the cabin into the trunk, helping electronic equipment.
  • Siren speaker: A 100-watt siren driver that meets SAE Class A and California Title XIII requirements when matched with an appropriate siren amplifier. The system is mounted behind the grille, but does not impact engine cooling.

Vehicle Car Auto part Trunk Engine

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle
The wiring prep package for the 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit includes the aforementioned wire harness and power distribution center only. Other Mopar parts which may be ordered separately are:

  • Police floor console
  • Spare-tire relocation bracket
  • Horizontal and vertical vinyl graphics
  • Ballistic door panels for driver and passenger doors (Protection: NIJ Level III+)
  • Steel seat back inserts for driver and passenger seats

2016 Charger upgrades including a 12-inch screen
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