Thanks to reliable insider Mr. Source, has learned of a new entry into the Mexican sub-compact market from Dodge. The 2015 Dodge Vision is set to go on sale in Mexico in the first quarter of 2015. 
2015 Dodge Vision 1
The Vision is made in Brazil, and is basically a Fiat Siena Essence. It uses a Fiat sourced E-Torq DOHC 1.6l four cylinder, descended from the Neon 2.0, that produces 117 hp, albeit now with an aluminum block and other upgrades; it is backed by the Fiat automated manual “Dualogic” transmission that has both auto and manual modes.

They come equipped standard with ABS, front airbags, cruise, A/C, and parking assist. This is undoubtedly a replacement for the previous Dodge badged Hyundais that were sold up until the middle of 2014 in Mexico.

2015 Dodge Vision 2

Mexico is a relatively small market, with just over 1 million new car sales as recently as 2013, according to the U.S. government. Nissan is the giant, with nearly 25% of the market, with GM following in second place at 19% market share. Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG) is third, with nearly 15% share.


Fiat Chrysler is a distant fifth, with 7.4% market share. A successful sub-compact will grow market share for FCA in Mexico, as up until now, there has been no in house sub-compact sold in Mexico — only clumsily rebadged Hyundais, retaining the Hyundai logo on the grille.

Below is a full walk around of a Columbian Fiat Siena Essence, which is what the Dodge Vision will be.