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2015 Jeep Renegade development

Main 2015 Jeep Renegade page (with off-road specifications)

Engineered in India and Michigan, based on a set of dimensions and basic architecture from Italy, the 2015 Jeep Renegade was created to be a premium small SUV. Many changes had to be made, first from the original SCSS (small car) platform shared by Fiat and General Motors, then from the modified version of that platform shared by Renegade and Fiat 500X, to make the Renegade credible as an off-road vehicle - even so, it is really only suited for off-road use with the Trailhawk version.

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Nagesh Basvanahalli, Managing Director of Chrysler India Automotive Private Limited (which includes the Chennai, India technical center), told Indian Autos Blog in February 2013 that the new Jeep would be "a brand new platform… The Jeep customer has unique tastes: go anywhere, do anything, be available. ... the bottom line is it will be a true Jeep. It will be a Jeep, and it will be on the right platform."

India appears to be involved in development of the interior, as well as localization of the basic design for the region, and analysis. "Triple T" noted [edited somewhat]:

India has a team dedicated the simulation and analysis; DSS and Siemens have a lot of their code and product development done in India, where there is a real aptitude for the math. So much of the structural analysis was done in India. Analysis has moved from validation to optimization and iterative design, as well, so designers work with the software, while studying ways to optimize, adjusting material placement and geometry along the way. Experienced engineers and designers work on the front end and as a true team during component development, but the B-Jeep would not have exclusive use of this valuable resource. (This does not replace physical validation at the end, but material properties of metals are known and the math is ancient; the computational power has exponentially increased lately, allowing smaller meshes, more dynamic, non-linear, and more degrees of freedom.)
A two-year delay acknowledged in the Chrysler five year plan update supports this theory; the delay is explained if the original plan was to use a lightly modified Fiat, but Jeep (in the person of Mike Manley) demanded increased capabilities. It shares Fiat's SCSS hard-point dimensions, will have a unique suspension architecture and presumably stronger body construction.

Published plans were make up to half a million Jeep B-SUVs and Fiat 500Xs (combined, with 500X being the volume seller) in 2015; in 2012, Fiat sold 154,461 small SUVs. The new SUV seems small, especially compared with a Wrangler, but is much closer in size to the original Jeep military vehicles.

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