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My name is Devin McCree, I'm 18 years of age and I have been racing for 10 years. After competing in 8 full seasons; I finished as runner up in 3 seasons, and as the champion in 2. I had to sit out last season due to a lack of funds. Currently, I'm attending Ventura College full time and I have acquired enough parts to assemble a sprint car roller which I'm building and will begin racing mid-season in the USAC West Coast 360 series and the VRA Sprint Car series.
I'm looking for sponsorship opportunities or assistance involving no cash, just parts for a small block Mopar or a large discount towards the purchase of such.
I am aware that it is strange to be inquiring for a sponsorship that will become active half way through the season; in reality though the sponsorship I'm looking for is going to begin in the 2017 season with an additional 6 months of representation and advertisement prior.
I know there are Mopar guys out there who would love to see a small block of their own out running against a field full of Chevys, help me make this happen. I'm starting with a 318 block out of a 68 Barracuda and I also have a forged crank out of a 273. I've received a lot of criticism regarding how these parts won't hold up to the rigors of dirt track racing; I'd be happy to replace the block with an R3 if someone has one they aren't using, same with the crank. But as of right now that's all I have and that's all I can afford. If you decide you want to help or know someone who might; please let me know, you're contribution won't go unnoticed.

Devin McCree
Ventura, CA

Here is a few pictures of inspiration
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The top image is Jerry ***** Jr. in the most recent Chili Bowl, his midget is powered by a Stanton Racing Mopar SR-11.

Then it is Mario Andretti in 1967 I believe; it was in a 318 powered Champ Car.

Following that is a 318 powered Indy Car, the only Plymouth to ever win an IndyCar Race.

Then there's a little sketch up I did up what my car might look like without the sponsors.

Then the engine that powered both the Indy Car and the Champ Car.

Finally, an image of me from my 2014 season in a dwarf car.

Here the top picture is when I was sonic checking the cylinder walls, the rest were stages in the disassembly of the stock long block. I'd never taken one apart before, I enjoyed it.
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And here is one of the two chassis' I've been blessed with the opportunity to build.
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