This week, reliable source oh2o wrote that the Viper ACR would start production in July of 2015 as a 2016 model year car.  How much of the concept Viper ACR , which was shown at the 2014 SEMA show, will carry through to production is unknown.

We can surmise that the enormous carbon ceramic brakes will make it to production, along with the larger than life ACR wing that is one of the car’s primary visual calling cards. If we look at the Generation IV ACR as an example, we also can extrapolate that the effort to shave weight will cause the car to be minimally optioned, unlike its more pedestrian brethren.


No A/C, no radio, no carpet, no frills. Check.

The Gen V ACR has been highly anticipated, and with the previous Gen IV ACR setting production car track records at race courses all over the world, expectations are high on this new version. The Gen V ACR has some pretty large shoes to fill, not to mention tough competition, but from the looks of how the Gen V TA cars are doing on the tracks and the streets, the ACR should live up to the hype.