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2018 Chrysler 100: New true compact car

by David Zatz • Updated February 11, 2017

The Fiat Tipo, shown in May 2015, previewed both the first sedans made on the SUSW ("Small US Wide") platform/architecture, and the first compact Chrysler since the 1980s.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Executive car

The car will be smaller and lighter than the 2015 Dodge Dart, and likely more competitive in fuel economy and acceleration. (It may not be called the 100.) Think of it as an upscale version of the Mexican Dodge Neon.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Grille

The Fiat has fairly small engines, but the Chrysler is expected to have a choice of the Chrysler 2.0/2.4 four and (perhaps later) 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engines, both developed in Auburn Hills from the worldwide GME design. The 2.4 is good for around 184 horsepower, and the 2.0 is expected to end up at around 240-260 horsepower. It might, however, carry a turbocharged "Firefly" (GSE) engine.

Allpar expects the car to have a nine-speed automatic transmission - conjecture based on the Renegade. Manual transmissions are de rigeur for the segment, and testing and packaging costs aside, they are far cheaper than nine-speed automatics, so a stick may be available.

Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

The Fiat Tipo version has replaced the Linea. Created by 2,000 people over three years, the concept bears stylistic cues to various Chrysler cars. Raised "character lines" on the hood and roof bring the Sebring and Crossfire "strakes" to mind. The tail resembles numerous other cars, including some past Chryslers and past and current Toyotas/Lexuses, with vertically asymmetrical tail-lights with elements on both fender and trunk.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Center console

The steering wheel and gauge cluster design bear a striking resemblance to recent Chrysler designs, though there are only so many ways to lay out a gauge cluster. The climate controls and auxiliary buttons are clearly Fiat's.

Text Line Font Diagram Parallel

The 8.4 inch display will probably not fit, though it is currently universal in the Chrysler lineup and available in all Dodges as well. There is a seven-inch that may work.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Our chart assumes that the length, width, and wheelbase of the 100 will be similar to the Fiat Tipo (length might be slightly longer to allow for larger engines, so we are putting in "177-180").

Chrysler 100
Dodge DartChrysler 200
Trunk Volume11.513.114.5

Weight and trunk volume are purely speculative at this point.

Chrysler 1904-2018

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