Last week, I was contacted by a group of 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon owners who are hoping to be a part of a homecoming meet of sort at the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise. On the behalf of these owner group which might include former Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, I am reaching out to the Mopar online community with the hopes of helping to make the Demon Detroit Homecoming a reality.

Putting on an event like that, with owners scattered all over the United States and Canada, would be far more successful if FCA got involved. After all, having the automaker promote a meeting of what could be hundreds of modern Demon owners would lead to more attention than a similar event being held privately, but before FCA will get involved, the powers-that-be need to know that there is demand. The company needs to know that owners will want to be involved and the company needs to know that spectators would be interested in seeing all of those Mopar monsters hanging out together – and that is where everyone reading this gets involved.

These private owners reached out to me with the hopes that I could put a call out to the Mopar community to see who would genuinely be interested in a gathering of 2018 Dodge Demons. The hope is that if we get enough people to speak up and say “yes, I would love to bring my Demon” or “yes, I would love to see a bunch of Demons together at the Woodward Dream Cruise”. Frankly, I strongly believe that the many Mopar fans who come to the Dream Cruise would love to see a huge group of Demons. In fact, with the new Demon instantly becoming such a legendary machine, I believe that it wouldn’t just be Mopar fans who would like to see rows of 840-horsepower muscle cars lined up in one area.

At first, I thought that I would make a simple poll here on the site asking for a yes or no, but that doesn’t provide enough room for participant and spectator input. To get that input from Demon owners and Dream Cruise attendees alike, I put together a Facebook Group called the Demon Detroit Homecoming group . On that group page, I have created a pair of polls – one for the people attending the Woodward Dream Cruise without a Demon, who would like to see this homecoming happen, and another for Demon owners who might be interested in helping to make this event possible by bringing their car to Detroit in August.

If you plan on attending the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise and you do not have a new Demon, click here to provide your input on the Demon Detroit Homecoming event.

If you have a 2018 Dodge Demon, click here to visit the group and share your input on whether or not you would like to attend with your car.

Honestly, I would imagine that every person who reads this with the intention of attending the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise or the Modern Street Hemi Shootout event that is being held the day before the Dream Cruise would love to see a Demon Homecoming event, so if you are going to Woodward, click on one of the polls above to show your support for this unique event.