This past weekend, several 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon owners headed to their local drag strip to see what kind of quarter mile times they could lay down and one of them set the record. Technically, the Hellcat and Demon known online at SRTMush set the record for the quickest Demon in the world several times – breaking his own record on three consecutive runs.

SRTMush’s Demon

Before getting into the times run by SRTMush’s Destroyer Grey Dodge Demon, here is a look at his modification list. Not surprisingly, he didn’t bother messing around with stock numbers, quickly adding a handful of upgrades and with them, more power.

This Demon is equipped with a set of JBA cat-less midpipes connected to the stock cat-back exhaust system, a 2.65 Metco upper pulley, 1700cc fuel injectors fed by the stock pumps, an unlocked crate PCM from HPTuners, a Per4Mance differential brace, a set of Hoosier 325/45/18 DR2 rear tires, front crate skinnies with the M&H tires and a tune to bring the engine upgrades together.

They don’t have power numbers for this setup yet, but SRTMush showed that it is making enough power for this to be the quickest Demon in the world today.

Finally, I want to point out that, contrary to online rumors, this Demon is not “gutted”. The stock driver’s seat has been replaced with a Cipher auto racing seat to use a 5-point racing harness and the AAD harness bar. There is no passenger seat, no rear seat and no floor mats, but he did leave the foam organizer for the crate tools in the trunk, after removing all of the tools and such. This car has all of the factory interior trim, infotainment bits, etc, so it most certainly isn’t gutted.

A Day at the Track

In the video below, we watch as SRTMush makes a handful of runs at Cecil County Dragway. After a warm-up run in which he runs a 10.33, he hammers down. The second run of the day brought about all sorts of traction problems on launch, but the lightly modified Demon still ran a 9.956 at 146 miles per hour.

On his third run of the day, some portion of the exhaust fell off towards the end of the run, but that didn’t stop SRTMush from setting the new record for the world’s quickest 2018 Dodge Demon. On that third run “Mush” laid down a 9.36 at 147.84 miles per hour, beating Hennessey’s record of 9.38.

On the fourth run, SRTMush reset the record with a 9.345 at 148.9mph and that record dropped more on the fifth run, with quarter mile time of 9.313 and a speed of 149.1 miles per hour. That is the standing quarter mile world record for any new Dodge Demon.

On his final run of the day, SRTMush and his Demon ran a 9.33 at 148.77 miles per hour, which was his second-best run of the day, backing up his 9.313 record.

We can expect to see plenty of quicker times as Demon owners race for the 8s, but right now, SRTMush’s Demon is the quickest in the world. It should be noted that on these runs, he was not using the TransBrake or the Launch Control/Torque Reserve systems, so there is still plenty more left in this supercharged Mopar monster.

Check out the video below for a look at all of his record-setting runs.