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2018 Illinois bid prices.

Amazing how expensive the Ford's are compared to Dodge, and how hideously expensive the Tahoe is compared to everything else.

Important Note: None of the big 3 will sell you a new police vehicle. You must qualify as a fleet customer. This includes all first responder/EMS/fire categories.

As for Dodge, a retail FCA customer may only purchase a current - year police vehicle *after* it's been titled for 6+ months. The most common, and best, way to do this is to find a demo for sale at a dealership. Keep in mind, these vehicles are not sold to the public at retail prices, so do not buy a fleet demo priced at retail. Use these bid prices to determine how much the car actually sold for new, and adjust accordingly for age and mileage.

NWMC Web Site - Police Pursuit Vehicles (at )
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