Last month, the Dodge teased the new Charger SRT Hellcat; now, based on these spy shots from Brian Williams, it’s testing a Scat Pack car with the same modified grille intake. You can clearly see both the daytime running light and turn signal in the first shot (the DRLs go off when the turn signals go on, for better visibility).

2019 scat pack

Allpar has long predicted a 2019 Dodge Charger refresh before new cars in around 2021. While Allpar first predicted that the new cars would essentially integrate Maserati’s non-powertrain engineering changes, particularly the sportier front suspension setup, most believed that the-former-Chrysler’s three Canada-built large cars would switch over to the “Giorgio” platform/architecture first seen with the Alfa Romeo Giulia.


Since then, though, FCA revealed that the next generation large cars would not require an extensive factory refit, which suggests that the company will keep much of the current setup intact. Allpar’s sources claim that the company will be borrowing the best of the Maserati Quattroporte/Ghibli updates as well as Giulia designs.


For comparison, here’s the current (2017-18) design. 

Over time, FCA has moved from older ideas about common platforms to a more modular approach, more like computer programming with common libraries. That allows for greater flexibility while still saving time and money.

2019 charger

As for the 2019 Charger, there may be minor increases in power and technology, but it will largely be carryover — as you can see from the rear and side images.