The Jeep Cherokee is almost ready for its second generation — which, according to reliable source oh2o, will start production as early in 2018 as it can.

Real Fast Fotography was able to catch this particular test car out for a run. While there are currently two sets of test cars on the street,  with similar looks, this one appears to be the Cherokee. The other set of test cars is the “Chinese Jeep” (K8) , reportedly to be seen in the United States as a Chrysler, which has a longer body.

The Cherokee’s basic platform was also the basis for the Pacifica and 200, and we believe that a hybrid version is waiting in the wings, though it will probably not be ready at launch. That would help FCA to cut back its reliance on Tesla’s CAFE credits — the means by which traditional automakers give a helping hand to their newest competitor.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

We expect the new Cherokee to launch with a 3.2 Pentastar V6 and nine-speed automatic, just like the current model; but a Hurricane 2.0 will also be available, for people who want better economy and performance.

This car appears to have conventional headlight and fog light positions, unlike the current 2018 Cherokee. The surprise: not only does this Cherokee sport LED headlights (according to oh2o, for both high and low beams), but, according to Allpar source redriderbob, all Cherokees will have them. That will move the Cherokee further upmarket from the Compass.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

Speaking of oh2o, he created the image above, to show what the camouflage might be hiding — since it’s easy to visualize a 2005 Dodge Magnum front end underneath it, otherwise.