A big vertical screen, like the one in the Dodge Charger pursuit cars? It looks as though that’s one of the new additions to the 2019 Ram 1500 , based on the work of spy photographer Brian Williams of SpiedBilde.

2019 ram 1500 interior

Although it could be two smaller screens, cleverly styled to look like one, the effect would be similar. In addition to providing more real estate for on-screen controls, this layout would make it easier to provide a 360° camera setup — an increasingly common feature in modern cars, which can be a boon to parking or to paranoid car-sitters.

2019 ram center screen

The photos also reveal the return of “the Knob,” a controversial shifter engineered to feel like a mechanical linkage. Used to shift gears, the knob was inspired by similar shifters in commercial trucks. This one has been redesigned somewhat. It’s possible some trucks will have knob shifters and others will have column shifters.

Those who hate on-screen controls, or want a backup just in case, may be happy to see that, lined up on either side of the big screen, are physical buttons to control the climate. There is also a line of cleverly styled buttons at the bottom of the center stack.

The key fob has a control for the electrically lowering tailgate — a solution looking for a problem, perhaps.

The next Ram 1500 should be an interesting truck; it’s a key vehicle for FCA, along with the Wrangler, and a great deal of thought has gone into making it better without losing the things current buyers like. Ram has been factory-constrained for some time; with new capacity coming on line soon, the new design will be able to soar, if customers buy into it.

With a long-awaited next-generation Wrangler debuting within weeks and the Ram 1500 following, it’s an exciting time to follow the former Chrysler Corporation.

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