This weekend, the quickest and most powerful drag cars, trucks and SUVs packing a Hemi V8 will roll into No Problem Raceway in New Orleans for the first event of the 2020 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series schedule.

The opening event of the 2020 MSHS season is sponsored by Legmaker Intakes and it is the first of nine that will be held by the all-Hemi racing series. As has been the case in past years, Allpar will share race results as the season continues, but leading up to the first event of the season, we wanted to touch on the key changes for the New Year while tying up some loose ends from 2019.



The End of 2019

The 2019 MSHS season ended at ATCO with one final weekend of great racing resulting in the following class winners.

East Coast Moparts Pentastar Bracket Class - Jeff Feiler
Demon Performance Super PRO Class - Jason Epling
ThiTek PRO Class - Andrew Castellano
True Street Performance Modified Class - Justin Skudder
LegMaker Intakes Super Stock Class - Guy Dalton
Gearhead Fabrications Street Class - Stell Savarino
High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout - Linda Tout
Carlyle Racing Demon Class - David Davies
Southern Hotrod Rookie Class - Harley Smith


As always, there were a series of awards handed out for those racers who laid down some of the best numbers.

Whipple Superchargers Best Reaction Time - Jeff Feiler – .011
Whipple Superchargers Best 60 Foot - Jason Epling – 1.207
Whipple Superchargers Best ET - Jason Epling- 7.90
Livernois Trackhawk Best ET Award - John Walsh – 9.91


Finally, the last event of the 2019 MSHS season brought about a conclusion to the class championship battles.

Barth Tuning King of Kings - Stephen Benedke
Demon Performance Super Pro - Joshua Schwartz
ThiTek Pro co-champs - Tommy Falk and Brian Brunt
Carlyle Racing Demon - Catherine Kosiba
HHP Hellcat - Michael England
True Street Performance Modified - Geoff Bracken
Legmaker Intakes Super Stock - Guy Dalton
Gearhead Fabrications Street - Stephen Benedke
Eastcoast Moparts Bracket - Mike Waiwood

Hellcat and Demon

Congratulations to the class champions and on the behalf of everyone in the Mopar racing community, thank you to Dan, his team and all of the sponsors who made 2019 a great season for the Modern Street Hemi Shootout.

Onto the New Season

As mentioned above, this weekend marks the start of the 2020 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series and the first event is sponsored by Legmaker Intakes. Below is a rundown of all of the event dates for this year, along with the classes for 2020.

2020 Modern Street Hemi Shootout Schedule:
March 6-7 No Problem Raceway, LA
April 17-19 Rockingham, NC
May 29-31 Maryland International Raceway, MD
June 19-20 Kentucky Dragway, KY
Aug 13-15 Detroit, MI (dream cruise)
Sep 10-12 Virginia Motorsports Park, VA
Oct 2-3 Houston, TX (Lone Star Mopar Fest)
Nov 6-7 Atco Dragway, NJ (season finale)
Nov 8 Cecil County Dragway, MD (non points)

2020 Classes:
HEMI Outlaw (1/8th mile heads up)
Super Pro 8.50 index
Heavyweight (1/4 mile heads up)
Hellcat 10.00 index
Modified 10.50 index
Super Stock 11.50 index
Street 12.50 index
Bracket (pro dial)
Legion of Demons (1/4 mile heads up)
Rookie (pro dial)
King of the Hill (pro dial run off of class winners)

The two new classes for 2020 are HEMI Outlaw and Heavyweight.

VanHorn Challenger

HEMI Outlaw is, as VanHorn puts it “very outlaw”. A Gen3 Hemi engine is required and naturally aspirated cars have no minimum weight requirement. Single power-adder cars must weigh 3,300lbs with the driver while dual power-adder cars have to weigh at least 3,500lbs.

As for the Heavyweight class, it is essentially grudge racing with some key rules. This is a ¼-mile, heads-up, no time class. Single power-adder cars must weigh at least 4,400lbs and dual power-adder cars must weigh at least 4,600lbs. Naturally aspirated cars only have to weigh 3,000lbs, so they aren’t quite as heavy as the boosted cars, but we are likely to see some that are just as quick.


At the first event, there is a track rental on Friday with the normal schedule of racing beginning tomorrow, Saturday March 7 th . If you live within driving distance and you want to go racing with your modern Hemi-powered vehicle, you have plenty of time to load up the car and make the trip.

2020 MSHS Sponsors

The Modern Street Hemi Shootout and its annual growth would not be possible without the sponsors and while many of the sponsors are continuing their support from 2019, here is a full list of the MSHS sponsors to begin the 2020 season.

Title Sponsors – Drive Shaft Shop & Hemituner Performance

King of the Hill – Z Automotive

Legmaker Intakes
Stanley’s Performance
Eastcoast Moparts
Barth Tuning
Demon Performance
Hemituner Performance
High Horse Performance

King of the Hill – Z Automotive
King of Kings – Barth Tuning
HEMI Outlaw Class – DiabloSport/Holley
Super Pro Class – Demon Performance
Heavyweight Class – ThiTek
Modified Class – True Street Performance
Super Stock Class – Legmaker Intake
Street Class – Gearhead Fabrications
Bracket Class – Eastcoast MoParts
10.00 – High Horse Performance
Demon Class – Anderson Composites
Rookie Class – Litens High Performance
SRT Jeep Nationals – Demon Performance (VMP)
Boost ‘N Juice – Nitrous Outlet (Rockingham)

Best Reaction Time – Prestige Auto Works (NOLA)
Best ET – Hell Raiser Performance
Best ET Hellcat – Jokerz Performance
Best 60 Foot Award – AAD Performance
Best ET HEMI RAM – Moe’s Performance
Twin Win – Stell Sav/carfinish
Party Sponsors – VanDrake Racing
Winners Circle Sponsor – Demon116 Fuels

VanDrake Racing
AAD Performance
Jokerz Performance
Suncoast Converters
Stanleys Performance
Quick Time Performance
Hall | MileOne Autogroup
Gen3 Products
Mill Finish Industries

Double R Diesel
Autocomplete NY
Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island
Per4mance Development
Allpar Garage
BFNY Performance
Cam Motion
DTP Racing
Professional Auto Collision
American Racing Solutions
Karma Racing Products
Hamburger Superchargers
Nitrous Outlet
Prestige Auto Works
Whipple Superchargers

Quick Time Performance
AWE Tuning

For more information on the 2020 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series, click here to visit the official website.