For 2022, Dodge continues to offer 4 Pursuit Models, and 3 SSV models:

Charger Pursuit AWD V-6
Charger Pursuit RWD V-8
Durango Pursuit AWD V-6
Durango Pursuit AWD V-8
Ram 1500 SSV
Ram 2500 SSV
Ram 3500 SSV

Of note, and to dispel perpetual rumors of Challenger "squads":
Per long-standing Chrysler policy, no other models are, nor have been, available as a Pursuit or SSV. In addition, Chrysler has not offered a 2-door police model since the early '70s, and have not announced any intention to do so. A few agencies have converted a small number of retail Mopar coupes into police service, but for the record, they were/are not actual police models.

As with previous years, for 2022, Dodge has elected not to have its Durango and Ram SSV models tested at Michigan and LASD annual evaluations.

Bearing in mind that these are preliminary results, there's really only a few items of note at this point:

- The biggest news is, of course, the electric Mustang car/SUV/whatever. It accelerates and brakes very well, but that appears to be about it. It has a relatively low top speed, and it runs mid-pack in the slalom, revealing its limitations as a genuine high-speed pursuit model.

- The F-150 Responder remains a one-trick pony (pardon the pun), with decent acceleration, but slowish on the track, and the worst braking performance. Pickups continue to be a poor choice as a pursuit model (likely the reason Dodge has not offered the 1500 as a Pursuit).

- Chevy had MSP test their Tahoe PPV, but the program remains on hiatus for 2022, likely the result of the same production issues that the entire industry continues to suffer from.

- Dodge has not yet recalibrated the 850RE 8-spd in the Charger AWD Pursuit, as its distance to top speed remains a bit long. But retesting that model to meet both EPA and police-specific durability cycles is probably not cost effective, as the cars are on build-out, with only one more model year before replacement.

Take a look, overall, the numbers (outside of skyrocketing prices) aren't a whole lot different this year: