In their last full year in production, we find that the outgoing 2023 Charger and Durango Pursuits did remain competitive with their Ford and Chevy counterparts.

As we noted in previous posts, new for 2023 are a pair of Chevy Silverado PPV models, but like the Ford F150 Responder, they are limited in their overall capabilities. While they have relatively impressive straight-line acceleration, they quickly fall down in braking and handling. Chrysler continues to offer its popular 1500/2500/3500 SSV models, but has rightfully declined to offer a Pursuit-rated pickup.

While the future of all police models remains uncertain, we can expect at least of few years of trasition from current models to what the OEMS ultimately decide upon, whether they will be gas, hybrid, BEV, or - most likely - all three options.

* Photo courtesy of Michigan State Police. Sharp-eyed observers will notice the 225/70/15 tires on the Plymouth in the photo. That was a very common trick many agencies used to squeeze a few extra top-end MPH out of their M body squads. Factory tire size, from 1981 - 1989, was 215/70HR15.