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2025 Dodge eMuscle Electric Muscle Car? (Via MotorTrend)

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Link: 2025 Dodge eMuscle Electric Muscle Car: Smoke All Four of ’Em (

Apparently, Dodge themselves gave this rendering to MotorTrend (they proclaim it's exclusive on Facebook, while the article itself just goes over the basics of what is expected and such, so I'm not taking that at face value, and until we see the concept in the flesh, I don't think many people outta believe this is the real deal yet.
I frankly see the Mustang and Camaro in this rendering (Mustang from the base of the windows up, Camaro rear fenders), but I like the other accents, like the Demon-ish hood.

What do y'all think?
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I make it a rule not to get worked up over drawings and prototypes of future vehicles. Typically they are idealized and get heavily altered before coming to market. But a quick reaction to this rendering: Three cars are competing in this arena--Challenger, Mustang, Camaro. Best seller is Mustang or Challenger depending on how you look at it. The solid third place runner is Camaro. So lets take our slaes leading Challenger and make it look like the third-place Camaro. Come on, Stellantis, surely you can do better!
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