Around 3,005 U.S. 2020 Wranglers are being recalled because the lower control arm bracket and weld might not be in exactly the right spot (up to 12 mm off), bringing the risk of lower control arm separation and loss of steering.

ncap 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

As one might expect, the recall is international in scope. Only around 10% of Wranglers built during the suspect period (July 22 to October 26, 2019) are affected.

The problem was not human error or engineering, but a broken welding fixture used by supplier Dana. The investigation started on October 15, when FCA Quality investigated four front axles with separated left-front lower control arm brackets sent in after warranty repairs. Later that month, Dana verified the problem: because the machine might have held the control arm in the wrong place, the weld may not have penetrated and held the axle tube to the bracket.

There have been five warranty claims and no injuries related to this issue, according to FCA. The axles can be part numbers 68294136AJ, 68294135AJ, 68294375AJ, or 68294356AJ. Owners who paid for work themselves can get reimbursed; otherwise, if the dealer finds the problem, they will get a new front axle.