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This was posed to me by a reader:

My best friend who has worked in a small Chrysler dealership for years spun a rod in his 3.5, He now works at a independent shop. He replaced the rod and piston in that cylinder. Rebuilt crank with bearings. Flex honed the cylinders and installed new rings. Valves ground by a very competent shop. Lash adjsuters rattled on start up and got worse. Replaced adjusters and still rattled. After much research bought the Release probe from Miller Tool. Was not able to bleed all of them in the car so removed rocker arm assemblies. After it was back together let it idle to operating temp and then shut off. Started again and cycled engine on and off every few minutes until the lifters were quiet. (About 90 minutes). The next day the lifters were noisy again for about 30 minutes. Changed the inital start up oil using 10w30 and a WIX filter making sure it had a check valve in it. Lifters rattled for about 10 minutes then good. Took for a short drive and okay. The next day the lifters rattled for 10 minutes then okay. Drove on highway and city for about 100 miles and good all day. Next day same lifter noise. Removed the driver\'s side rocker assembly and some lifers needed bleeding again.
>According to one manual there should be a silver bolt on each rocker valve assembly for oil flow. We found no such bolt and feel this is incorrect because it looks like the oil flows in a different path.
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