selling my 3 Chrysler's TC by Maserati, and misc parts including umbrella(s), owner's manual, etc.
i have a 1990 triple black with the 3.0 engine and automatic; i think about 58,000 actual miles needs that auto transmission valve pack kit repair
a 1989 purple one with the Chrysler 4 cyl and auto. true mileage unknown
and a 1989 16 valve 5-spd manual. true mileage unknown
they all run. no rust issues. the triple black has some damage to the front right bumper area but i have a replacement plastic piece that would have to be cut and plastic welded together
there also is a parts car. but it might be hard to pull out of the backyard right now..
all three and the parts car for $6,000 and all of the other misc parts i can put my hands on. or make an offer on one of them.
i don't have any images right now to upload but i will try to do that soon.