It’s close enough now to be practically official: the 3.0 liter Pentastar V6. While it is unlikely to have direct injection when it arrives (the five year plan chart above has been modified numerous times and may have been a tad optimistic), the 2988 cc (or so) engine was created largely because there are punitive taxes on cars with engines displacing 3 liters and more in Europe. By coming in at just under 3000 cc (3 liters), the new Pentastar V6 will provide a relatively affordable gasoline V6 option for the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, and 300/Thema.

Production is reportedly set to begin in summer 2013, once the 3.2 liter engine has its full-scale launch. The 3.2 is earmarked for the Jeep Cherokee at first, but is likely to be used in numerous other cars; it provides nearly the same power as the 3.6, but with considerably better gas mileage, according to observers.

Chart note: this is the chart from the original 2009 Five Year Plan. It has been considerably revised, and direct injection, though specified for many of the engines above, appears to be at least two years away. The 3.3 liter engine is no longer planned, though a 3.2 is coming out later this year, as planned (though it doesn’t appear in the chart, the 3.2 was planned under Cerberus and possibly as far back as Daimler).