Chrysler’s large cars will continue to be built by FCA, according to Sergio Marchionne, who also noted that the company had invested a great deal into the Brampton facility where they are made. His remarks reinforce speculation that the L-series cars will stay in Brampton at least through 2020.

welding at Brampton

The comments were made in response to questioning about plans to move production of the Dart and 200. The plant where the 200 is made will be converted to Ram truck production, while the Dart plant will build Jeep Cherokees. Warren, the to-be-former Ram plant, will reportedly build trucks and Jeeps, while the current Cherokee plant in Toledo will switch to Wranglers. The current Wrangler plant’s status is unknown; Jeep people have talked for years about making variants and greater worldwide sales.

Mr. Marchionne mentioned that a large front wheel drive car could be built on the Pacifica’s platform and in the same plant. Rumors of a large FWD Chrysler have circulated for years; it would, among other things, increase differentiation between the Charger and 300 (as would moving the Charger to the new RWD platform while using the Maserati changes for a new 300). Given that the long talked about Pacifica-based crossover, which appeared on the last Plan, has now been shelved, this may not indicate any future product.