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Hopefully the title isnt too confusing...

i have a 2002 300M special and about a year ago the temperature control display unit lights went out. its the display unit that shows the temperature, the mode selection....etc. just above all the control buttons.

i did have it flash on a couple months ago, but it has gone back out.

i have fiddled with fuses and popped it out to jiggle some wires but it doesnt seem to want to display anything.

my blower, temperature level settings, and all other functions work, as do the buttons to change where i want the air to flow, but the display lights dont want to come on any more.

anyone else have a similar issue?

i also sporadically get the gauge lights go out on milder days when i turn the head lights on. some times i will just wait for the next time i start my car and they come back on.

not sure if the two are related.

any info/help/suggestions are welcome...



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No, but I'd suggest removing and replugging the body computer cables a couple of times and checking for corrosion on the connectors (you may need to use dielectric grease on it, I don't recall).

The gauge lights on ours sometimes flash, we move the rheostat a bit and tehy return.

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The ATC panel display going out is a common failure. On mine when it goes out, I can tap the panel and it lights up again. There are sellers on ebay that repairs them by re soldering the bad connections. The IP most likely has a bad transformer causing the panel not to light up. Mine does that too. The only easy fix is replacing the IP cluster.
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