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318 frost plug removal

1939 7
well my son and I finnally got started on some mods we are doing to his shortbox stepside,(some engine mods and cleaning/painting, plus a727 to a833 trans swap)any way this summer a frost plug started to leak through and we replaced it but thought well the engine was out it would be a wise idea to change the rest of the ones on the block so has anyone got a easy way of pulling them out, we tried drilling a small hole then using a dent puller slide hammer but the screw just pulls through, the hammer/punch or screw driver method is what we used in the summer but its pretty crude, aside from them being a little thin in the material from age they are stuck in there pretty good, thanks
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Heh. I was going to snarkily suggest filling the block with pure water and leaving it in freezing conditions for a few days...

Don't do that though... *grin*
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