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Hey Dave, welcome to the forum. You can get a set of stock 360 intake valves, which are 1.88 inch valves, and have the intake seats cut to the new size, which I have done several times with really good results. Another option is the 302 casting number heads, which are the first 318/360 shared heads, which are closed chamber and also gets you a stock (if you so desire) matching 4bbl intake, but at least the ports match up with the 360 so you don't have to have a 318 specific intake manifold for fitment and gives you larger ports to boot. As far as the Zoomies go, might look for sidepipes, or are you talking about the stack pipes?

Almost forgot, once the intake valves are cut, then port the bowl not as a giant hogging out, but rounding from the underside of the new cut valve to the 318 bowl, really works well to load and compress the fuel/air under the valve for an extra boost at high rpm.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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