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Hello from Terre Haute, Indiana.
My name is Dave Roberts. This summer I bought a 1974 D100 Custom. Pretty Cherry. Garage kept, 90,000 miles Have been working on cleaning the engine, and engine compartment. I want to go old school on this, when I can. Going to put in a mild cam, then an intake, and carb, this winter. Already have the headers installed.I was wondering what, if anything, I could do to enhance the heads? Port & polishing I know. But could I replace the valves,with larger valves? This is an EGR engine. Also, years ago, you could buy what they called Zoomie pipes. Exhaust tips, I quess you could call them. I'm having no luck on locating them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave "Rightarm" Roberts
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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