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4.7 intake HO or not an HO ?

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4.7 intake HO or not an HO ?

I have a Chrysler 4.7 intake/ new takeoff part (newest design/style 2007 and up) and can't definitvely find out if its an HO application intake or not

Numbers on it are as follows:


It appears to have a date code of :

1087 08:37 860

I've searched a lot of databases and have found the service part # has a AA code on the end and the AA replaces many other numbers

Thanks in advance.............Todd
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rcnesneg said:
What's HO?
High Output (or high performance)

ImperialCrown said:
That part # shows for the 4.7L HO. It actually climbed to an AJ suffix, but that part has superseded to 53034229AA for the most recent iteration. It shows applicable to 2008-2013 vehicles.
The standard 4.7L was rated at 235 bhp. The HO (Overland and R/T) up to 2005 was rated at 270 bhp with a bump in compression and tuning.
From 2006-on, the HO was now rated at 303 bhp. I didn't see a lot of them because of the Hemi MDS advantage.
A flex-fuel capable 4.7L was introduced in 2004.
Thanks for the info, I knew someone had to know....I appreciate it!
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