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426 Hemi swap

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Another silly question: has anyone heard of anyone swapping a 5.7 for the Mopar 426 Hemi? I didn't see anything in the Mopar catalog that would be a good ECM for the 426. Since the new 426 doesn't have MDS, I'd imagine all the electronics would have to be swapped somehow. Any ideas?
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I was referring to the Gen III 426 Hemi Mopar PN 5155513 for 540hp/530 lb/ft. Mopar wants about $14K for the crate motor. I looked at Bouchillon's offering too. It'd be interesting to see how much they want for the Gary Stanton built 426 Gen III at 605hp/550 lb/ft crate motor. They say they can reprogram the pcm too. Hmmm...things to ponder.
That's why I ask the experts at Allpar all the tough questions. :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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