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42RE Trans shift problems

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I own a 1996 Dakota 4X4 Club cab with a 3.9 V6. I have had shifting issues with it that have been driving me crazy, and I thought I would share some info that might help others owning not just Dakotas, but Rams, Durangos, Ram Vans, Wranglers, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees as well. If you are having problems with your transmission shifting out of first to second, and is not slipping etc. and you know your trans is not in need of a rebuild, and you keep getting code P1763 trans. governor pressure volts too high. There is a TSB to fix this issue. TSB 21-04-00. I have replaced the governor solenoid and pressure transducer which is fairly easy to fix and I still had shifting issues. When I would start out the unit would shift fine, but as soon as the fluid began to warm the unit would go into limp mode, which is third gear until unit was restarted then it would not shift from first to second unless you reved engine to over 4 grand. then when you stopped, right back into limp mode again. This TSB has fixed it. It cost me $92.00. Hope this helps. The main culprits of the "RE" transmissions is either the pressure solenoid and transducer of which there are youtube videos on how to fix these. Output speed sensor replacement which is very easy to fix, or a TV cable out of adjustment.