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56,000 mile 88 Dodge aries 2.2 engine sound

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In a week or so I will be going to pick up my low mile 88 aries. however there is one thing holding me back, there is a very loud noise going on the top end, and its not the normal chrysler wrist pin noise. For a motor that is low mileage it is noisy as can be..a lot of clacking. Any guesses to what is going on before I actually seal the deal?
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When I got my '89 2.2 T2 there was a noise from the cylinder head, what I thought is a slap from valve adjusters / rockers or something related... Anyway was prepared for major head overhaul. But then I noticed the timing belt was loose. Adjusted the belt tighter and the noise was gone. My quessi is that either the belt was hitting its cover or then due to the looseness head timing was out of range and it caused the noise somewhere within the components.
I was really surprised I got rid of that problem so easily. Just my quess might be the same. Depends what it sounds...
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