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62 Chrysler Newport

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This probably belongs in the Restoration or "C" body forum but there is a lot more traffic here.

I wrote in another thread that I'm putting our old family trickster back on the road. Blanche is a 62 Newport that's been in the family since the mid-60s.

Yesterday, I received the packet from the Chrysler Historical group that shows that she was shipped to Majestic Motors in Denver, Colorado on September 27, 1961. That means that she was one of the very first 62 models off the line, and also that she's been a Colorado car her whole life.

I read somewhere, I believe on Allpar and likely written by Curtis Redgap, that the 1962 models began shipping in early 1962, but can't find that article again.

Does anyone know the exact cutover date to the 62 Chrysler model year? Or the VIN at that point? She carries line #11267.

I'd just like to know how close she was to the front of the line in 62.
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Many VIN sequences begin with a 1 and never a 0, so I would guess that it was #1267?
The WPC club may have a back issue on the 1962 Chryslers with more production information. You may have to be a member for a copy.
I have an index somewhere on what monthly publication carried what featured Chrysler vehicle. Some years and makes were revisited later when more information was found.
Not sure about 62, but I know that July 31 1966 was the cut off for 1966 Models. There is some type of down time for change over sometimes amounting to a two week layoff for production workers. Probably somewhere mid August is when they start to run new modles. According to your VIN your car was the 1261 car of the line. If it is a 4 door sedan it has a really low number since they pushed out over 50K of them. 2 door hardtops were only 11K so 1261 would be well into production. The numbers get even lower for other models.
Yeah, it's a 4- door sedan.

The complete VIN is 8123111267.

And I need to correct something from my original post: what I read was that the 62 model years began shipping in September, 1961, and Chrysler says that this car was shipped on September 27, 1961.

Typing and proof reading on a tablet is problematic at times.
I think I got it. I found the body tag and it says it's #1171. I thought the tag was missing because I was looking under the hood. Then I found that it was on the front left door post.
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