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Everyone-- been several years since my last post. I'm restoring a '62 Chrysler 300 and I need a little assistance with code of "L.L." on the engine block, what does "L.L." mean?

"D.N." refers to shift the casting was completed on. Clock - approximate time -- Block # got it But can't find any references to the "L.L."

This is a 383 block out of a '62 Chrysler 300. Block is stamped with S-38 (signifying a 1962 - 383) produced on 5-10 with a Maltese Cross. This engine was basically built 4 days prior to the car rolling off the line, which occurred on 14 May out of Detroit.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Diamond = 0.008-in. oversize tappets
Maltese Cross = 0.001-in. undersized crankshaft
Maltese Cross and an X = 0.010 undersized crankshaft
A = 0.020-in. oversized cylinder bore
B = 0.010-in. undersized main and rod bearings
E = cast crankshaft
H = standard 4bbl
HP = high performance
LC = low compression
O.S. = 0.005 oversized valve stems
P = premium fuel recommended
R = regular grade fuel may be used
S = special engine
WT or TW = water test
X = oversized valve guides

K = Toluca
PT = Trenton
M = Mound Road
T = Trenton (400 and 440 only)
MV or MN = Marysville

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With only 4 days before complete car rollout i doubt that the car came with that engine from the beginning.

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You can look up the engine codes, which indicates from a quick check I did as a 1964 361/383, but we know it is a 383 because of the 38 on the flat pad. On the side of the block, other numbers will indicate the actual casting date as xx-xx-xx and a day/night (shift) casting with a pointed arrow and a dot. The 5-10 is not the day/month of the casting, that location was used for a 10,000 day casting date, which I can't remember when it started, but when you look up info on that it will tell you the day it was cast. The S, being special, would be pretty special because the 383 was not overly common given they had the 383 RB block going, but the 383 is a 361 with an 1/8th inch larger bore (4.125 vs 4.250 inches). I imagine being a 300 letter car it was a "Special" engine, needless to say.
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