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65 Valiant 200 convertible vs 65 Valiant Signet convertible

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I have a 65 Valiant convertible and I'm looking at purchasing a 65 Signet convertible for a parts car. With the exception of a few trim and seat differences, would I be able to use glass, top and transmission parts on my car? I've only got a day and a half to make the decision so I'm kind of in a time crunch. Thanks for any suggestions!
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The only differences between the two cars is the trim: the Signet was the higher trim level. If the price is right and if you have the space: I'd grab both.. :)

BTW: welcome to Allpar. :)
Welcome to Allpar. And I agree with Bearhawke 100%.
Thanks for the 'welcomes' and thank you for the input. If I can get it for the right price I'm going for it. There are too many parts on it I need for my ride to let this opportunity to pass up!
Just trim parts, otherwise all the same.

Welcome to Allpar!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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