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66 Coronet K car

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I have a 66 Dodge Coronet Deluxe police package car. The engine in it now is a 318 poly...I was told it was built with a 361 in Detroit and the engine later was changed. However, VIN decoding services dispute each other...some say the engine code E is 318, and some say E is 361. The shop manual says 361.
The number stamped on the radiator support on the driver's side I listed. What does it mean?

A MOPAR enthusiast who examined the car the other day is convinced it came with the 318 as to switch from 361 to 318 would incur modifications and he says it looks stock. His VIN decoder book says 318.

Too many conflicts..which is correct? The fender tag on the lf fender support is not there and I don't have the build sheet...
Help please?


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The 1966 Mopar parts catalog engine listing shows all corporate engines used across the company.
The 1966 Dart/Coronet service manual engine listing shows the engines used in those A & B models only.
Where is the 273 V8?

1966 was the 1st year for the 440 V8. It may have been Imperial & Special Order Chrysler only for the first year. It was not available in Dodge or Plymouth lines until 1967 and shouldn't be included on a 1966 Dodge passenger car engine list.
The engine designation letter codes still seem to conflict depending on which table is used. Am I missing something?

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According to this Dodge site it came with a 361..............
That chart is in error. Engine code (fifth digit) was D for a 273 V-8, which they have left out. Thus, you have to shift the engine sizes down the chart by one place.
And G was the 383 engine. I know, my grandfather bought a 66 Newport brand new with it.
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