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Hey everyone. I’m looking at a 66 barracuda and I live in Phoenix we’re in the summer 100+ is normal everyday so in my opinion AC is pretty important. Now I have two big options. Underdash or integrated. underdash doesn’t give me the power to dehumidify the air for a defroster. Is this necessary for it to work properly?
You are probably thinking that an integrated air conditioning system allows for warm, dehumidified air to be directed onto the inside, lower windshield area. This would seem to be more advantageous of keeping the windshield clear of fog / moisture accumulation versus an underneath, hang on unit which only recirculates dehumidified air.

In practical terms I have found on my minivan with an integrated heat / A C system that running the mode on floor or bi-level (not defrost) at a warm comfort level with A C compressor engaged provides the best dehumidification. Dry air circulating at the floor and mid-zone level in the cabin will remove any fog on the inside windshield and side windows much more quickly than concentrated dry air placed at the base of the windshield. An underneath hang on dash unit would provide just as good moisture removal as the integrated unit.

So it really is an issue of aesthetics. Do you like the integrated look or want the aftermarket, hang on look?
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