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69 426 Hemi rebuilder, Northeast?

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Hi all. New here. I have a 1969 Plymouth GTX 426 4 speed that’s pretty much original. Beautiful car. Ive had the brakes including the master cylinder and booster rebuilt, fuel system overhauled and many other things done as it sat in a collection for 20 or so years. The issue I have now is a “clacking” noise seemingly coming from the valve train when under moderate load. I had the valves set and no improvement there. I‘m thinking sticking lifter? First, if its a lifter, any hints to free it up? I’m considering having the engine pulled and sent to a good place for a rebuild. If I go this route, any suggestions on who to go to? Thanks, Rick.

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Make sure that what you are hearing is a mechanical problem and not an exhaust manifold runner leak.
In the Rochester area, I have used Drake's.

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Hi, and Welcome!

Did you just recently acquire this car? I may be wrong but I don’t think there’s much difference in adjusting solid lifters on any motor with screw tappets. I’ve always done it while the warm motor is idling, using the correct feeler gauges.

A great time to view valve train operation and likely malfunctions. Never worked on an elephant motor myself but I would be extra careful who I let touch this jewel. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. :)

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If you think it's maybe a sticking lifter, I'd try a can of Seafoam or Marvel Mystery Oil in the crank case to see if it frees it up. Of course, I'd also recommend a full oil and filter change afterwards.
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