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'69 Fury 3 unusual aircon issue?

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Hi guys,

My 383 '69 Fury 3 has an issue I can't seem to find any info on.
I've tried googling it but I can't find anyone adressing it.

The aircon could keep an eskimo happy even on hot summer days, and I'm pretty sure I can light my cigarette from the vent when it's hot. What puzzles me is the temperatures in between. I can adjust it to some level in each end, but I can't get it to put out a comfortable temperature.

This whole aircon thing is a stranger to me. I've never fixed it before, new or old, so any help is appreciated!
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Some of the older C bodies used a water valve to control heat. And it is one pricey little devil. If both heater hoses go through a valve on their way to the firewall on yours, there you go.
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