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6G72 Water pipe / leak between cylinder heads

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Hey guys....

Just fixed my minivans timing belt problem, flushed the tranny and power steering and of course engine oil and coolant.
Runs fine, trans shifts great (after flushing it -> the Dexron thing) and everything works.

Now a strange problem. There´s water dripping out between the cylinder heads / underneath the intake manifold on the transmission´s side.

Could it be the water pipe from the pump?
The pipe was movable, not firmly connected like i thought.

What could it be and if the problem is the pipe, do i have to remove the belt / pump etc again? Please tell m no....

Thanks a lot!

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There could be a few causes.
First the O ring on the back of the water pump may not have sealed properly.
Or the end of the pipe may be corroded and that's they the O ring didn't seal.
Or the pipe could be rusted through.

You'll have to tear something apart to get at it.

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There is also an O-ring on the transmission side that seals the main pipe to the end pipe on the transmission side. I have seen these pipes available from Dorman at a cost quite a bit cheaper than the dealer. I can't speak for the quality of the aftermarket pipes.

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Finally a update....i checked both O rings....replaced the one on the transmission side....but both were OK.....and now it comes.....cracked thermostat housing. I checked it for leaks first, nothing....while replacing the o rings and building together the intake manifold....i saw the little crack. Water was flowing through under the intake manifold, anding up on the trans....

Anyway, thanks for help guys, i really appreciate it!
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