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beep said:
Had much the same problem with Thermoquads on big blocks a long time ago. The bottom plate on these warped, possibly from overtightening the mounting bolts. Also had re-occuring problems with the base gaskets - not sealing after installation. One possible check to make - fill a pump style oil can with gas, idle the engine and squirt gas around the base of the carb. If the engine speeds up, you've got a vacuum leak under the carb. Other than that, sounds like the engine may be starving for gas under acceleration - possibly a leaking check valve (intermitant) in the accelerator circuit.
i Never use gas to check for vacum leaks,guess why?
nothing like an engine compartment on fire.....been there done a licenced technician i would never give the unsuspecting that kind of me paranoid,but gas evaporating off a hot intake is a disaster waiting to happen.

best ,safest is water in a squirt bottle.
it will cause engine to stumble,or stall.
on many occasions it will make a slurping noise which is usually easy to find also.

those e carbs have a power valve if i recall correctly,and if not set exactly right it will not perform as expected.
i put a rebuilt on my 80 power wagon and discovered the rebuilt was worse than what i had.
proceeded to rebuild original and tune it exactly as oe manual specified.
been like that for ten years,untouched since.

dont forget the thick base gasket.....
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