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727 BB Auto Transmission Yoke

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727 Automatic Transmission / Big Block

At the suggestion of my trustworthy local mechanic who certified my car, he recommended changing out the yoke due to wear around the U-joint. I ordered a new yoke but the new yoke would only go on about 1/3 and it would stop dead. I contacted the supplier who sent me another in case I had a defective one. While it slid on better, it too only went on about 1/3 and stopped dead. It goes on straight without any twisting/turning. I'm at a lost now. I don't want to spend the $$$ to get another yoke from another supplier (mopar)

Anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions?

Much Thanks.
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They only go on one way, and the teeth are only one number, so what you need to do is figure out if the edge is catching the tailshaft bushing that runs on the outside of the yoke, inside teeth and splines, that is loose in there. I am hoping you changed or will change, the rear seal to prevent leaks (used seals on new parts tend to leak, waste of time doing it twice). Measure the length the yoke goes in, then mark a thick wire or something straight and see if you can feel where it is stopping.

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Doing a little more searching today....

In another forum it was suggested that the angle in which the splines were cut inside the slip yoke were changed in the later years - possible cause?

Part: Victory Driveline Components, Part# SY7290-8335
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