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My neutral safety switch does not work properly. I can start in drive and reverse lights stay on whenever truck is on in any gear.

It is a 1990 Dodge Ram.

I took it to a mechanic and he told me it seems to be something inside the transmission because a new neutral safety switch does not make a difference. I checked and wiring for the switch looks good. I went down and pulled a rooster combout of a truck in the junkyard (1992 Dodge D250). Everything was going smooth until I pulled the top of the valve body out, the last remaining step to get to the rooster comb. When I pulled it down, a couple of round balls came falling down and I also noticed a wet clean spring nearby that I'm not sure when it fell out. I'm guessing the very last step.

There was a round bearing that was stil in place that the rooster comb hit against. I'm not sure where these round balls came from nor the spring. The very last big part I moved that caused all these issues was what I can describe as the valve body upper piece. When I removed it, I could see the round drums and the bands of the transmission.

I still haven't opened the bottom of my transmission to see what's going on in there.
I have a few questions for someone that knows about these things. I have done VERY LITTLE work on transmissions before.

1) is there a guide for replacing this rooster comb along with where these bearings/springs go?
2) the plastic tab inside the transmission that touches the neutral safety switch.... I'm guessing that is where the problem lies. It's riveted on there. I'm thinking rather than replacing the whole thing, somehow taking the plastic tab off my new rooster comb and somehow securing it on the rooster comb already in the transmission.... any suggestions on how i can do this? I'd much rather do that. The only reason I haven't looked at my existing transmission is becaues as soon as I open that pan 4-5 quarts of $6 transmission fluid are going to come out.

Any suggestions?
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