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727 Transmission / 318 Poly Engine

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Can a 1963 Chrysler 727 be mated to a 1960 Plymouth 318 Poly wide block engine?
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For some reason I'm thinking that the Poly engine used the same bellhousing pattern as the LA engines later used, but I'm not certain in that. If that's the case then probably no, because the LA engines were introduced in 1964 with the 273.

What engine was that transmission attached to?
I tried to use a A999 which is the HD A909 off a LA360 application and the starter location was changed after 66 so that didn't work. My 66 sport fury came with a 727 behind it so if you 727 came from a SB of that era then it should work. Seems like overkill to me for that motor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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