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74 Duster Non-Power To Power Drum Brakes

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Anyone know if I convert a 74 Duster with non-power dum brakes to power drum by adding a booster/master cylinder assembly made for drum brakes, if I will need any other special mounting brackets or pedal assembly? I was hoping it would bolt right up without any additional parts.
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This is where the shop manual comes into play. I say this because the Chargers (the original ones) have a different brake padal setup, there is a little link needed to do the swap. Unless you can find one that is set up, or a shop manual to check out, see if another person here knows otherwise. I would also say do a swap to disc on front given it is a lot more common at the age of your car so the swap is a lot easier on top of it going this route to upgrade the brakes. Power brakes will help, but it is still way below any disc brake setup.
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