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Get a new Radiator....

I had the same problem back in 1989 with my 1978 Magnum GT...It was doing like your car..I changed the thermostat and no difference(I didnt change as many parts as you but)...I had the radiator checked out /cleaned at a well known shop, they said it was fine..Car still overheated !!! Wasnt impressed,as I spent money I didnt have (hey I was young)..

The next day,I went to local performance shop where there were always Mopars parked around and a few guys came out and they checked my car out (being a rare model and them Mopar guys) They said get a radiator,I guess the look on my face they knew I was broke lol..Lucky me I was young enough they helped me out big time !!! They actually gave me a old radiator for free,I just pulled it out of a parts car they had and put it in my car and I never had a problem with it ,car ran cool for years ! I even used their tools and coolant !!!! I returned about 2 weeks later and offered them some money,they kindly said NO ! But,I got a job with them and was there for many years ! Maybe they hired me because I bought them a case of Beer when I went back ,and I was under age lol..Hey those days guys drank at the shop !!

I even had a radiator recored on another car after it was leaking and it still was overheating. Get a new one thats the problem,easily done and they are not that expensive ! These cars stay cool even on hot 100 degree days in traffic !

Good Luck..
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