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'75 Dart 318 2 bbl to 4 bbl project-It's dead PLEASE HELP!

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I bought a '75 Dart with original 318 2bbl w/ 49,000 original miles on it from a buddy and wanted to try and put a 4 bbl intake and carb on it. This is the first time I've tried this and it was a blast until I tried to start it this week. The intake is a new Weiand Action Plus+ and the carb is a Holley 4160-1850s that I got from Holley and put an electric choke on. When I took the old intake off, a buddy, for some ungodly reason, pulled the distributor out to check the shaft and put back in. I got the new intake and carb on and hooked up. A few months before I started I had changed the coil and the ignition box, so I didn't mess with them, but since I put the intake/carb on I've changed the ballast resistor, plugs, plug wires, and distributor cap. The first time I tried to start it nothing happened until I let off the key and the car backfired. So, I went back to basics, brought the #1 cylinder to TDC on the compression stroke, checked the rotor under dist. cap and it was pointing toward the #1 plug tower, so I assume it is in correctly. I have a DIFFERENT buddy try to crank it as I turn the distributor very, very, slightly one way, then the other and it backfired twice. Now, when attempting to start it- NOTHING!! It has fuel, it has spark from the coil to distributor, but, when I check the coil spark against the cowl area I get a good strong spark but it only happens every 2-3 seconds, is this right? If not, what should I do? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.