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Make sure you have AT LEAST 10.6 volts at the + coil terminal WHILE THE ENGINE IS CRANKING. You need a friend or a remote start switch or long arms to determine this. I have seen FAR TOO MANY burned ballast resistor TERMINALS, wire terminals to trust "good looking ones" out of hand.

I used to check modules by disconnecting the coil wire at the distributor and placing the exposed terminal within 1/4" of metal. If you get a spark when the ignition key is switched from on to off it is usually a sign the module is not working. I do NOT try and replace a module that has a harness with 5 connectors with a module that has one less pin.

Pickup coils have an annoying habit of failing when they get warm and then coming back to life when they cool down.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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