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In the 1990s(?) I had my 73 B100 3 speed converted to an automatic, then in 2002 I replaced the steering column with a used tilt column that I thought came from an 80s Dodge Van. It’s been a long time and my memory is not what it used to be but I did use a stock Mopar coupler and a coupler re-build kit to make everything work. My Van now has over 100K miles since the conversion and all is still good.
The tilt column had the Ignition switch on the column (instead of the dash), cruise controls that I had to Map and re-wire to the 73 wiring harness. The most important thing I learned is that Dodge AND GM both used Columns built by an auto supplier called “Saginaw”. I found that most all of the columns & parts between 70s era GMs & Chryslers were interchangeable., this may open up the availability of parts?
The “DD” column side is on the Chrysler / Saginaw tilt column, the gear box side is the stock 1973 power steering box with a .625” dia. splined shaft with 36 splines (5/8-36).
What I think is the stock coupler is shown below, I can no longer find the coupler kit but a link to Mopar coupler parts is here: MOPAR PERFORMANCE STEERING PARTS, there is probably more sites selling these parts, they are kind of pricey now.
The coupler bolted onto the “D” shaft and clamped on the Gear Box Splined shaft.
Flaming River offers a part that might also work, see it here: 5/8"-36 X 3/4" DD Double U-Joint.
Good Luck!

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