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'78 B100 steering column info please

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Hi all.

I am currently rebuilding a patina'd '78 B100 shorty over here in the UK and would like some info on my steering column please.
Very long story short, the van originally left the factory with a slant 6, column change manual transmission, manual steering and manual brakes.....very basic.
However, it now has a 318 and auto 727 tranny all fitted by a previous owner. The guy who did the conversion utilised the column shifter so that it now operates the auto tranny and that seems to work fine.
It still has manual steering and brakes.

I want to fit power steering and have everything to do the job, pump, pipes, rebuilt steering box, etc....all off a '78 van.

The power steering box is about 2-3" taller than the original manual box, so the steering column is now an issue.
My steering column is fixed (non tilting) & has just the ignition barrel and indicator stalk fitted, no cruise, no wash wipe, basic basic basic.

My question is.....

Is the internal steering column on a slider?

I know some cars have a 'D' shaped construction in the column whereby a male section slides through a female section, only I've been told by someone that he's sure this is the case with my Dodge.....if it is, that would save me trying to find another column, which is rare as hens teeth over here.

Any help and advise would be greatly appriciated.

Kind Regards, Jase.

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