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8 pin din CD aux pinout? Chrysler Jeep TJ 98

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This is my first question here, I know this has been asked for before, and apparently given, but I just cannot find a picture or a complete description of the Radio cassette CD pin out?
I believe some of these 90's era radio units can be adapted to have an auxiliary output?
My unit has the 8 pin din connector on the back, which I am told there are two types, one that is quite dumb and another that actively communicates with the CD unit, if someone could show me the pinout of the earlier simpler connector, I will have a go at making a cable to a Bluetooth adaptor most likely.
I know it is easier to just put a new radio in its place, but I would like to keep this Jeep Tj as original as possible.
So if someone have got the pinout picture I would be very grateful.
Ps I drive a 98 Jeep TJ
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Hello the radio cassette unit has option for a cd changer, but I'm after a plug in aux unit to this 8 pin cd, it seems some versions are just a short somewhere and the unit accepts a changer is there and you can then connect to the left and right pins as an auxiliary input. Orhers have more interaction tbough and need a box to simulate a cd changer? I however can find nowhere where you can still get this box? Are the any suppliers in the us still? I'm in the uk, where jeep older bits are hard to find? Vehicle Steering wheel Steering part Center console Auto part


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