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'80 B200 van steering box issues

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So i installed different steering box out of a junk yard in my b200 (318) camper style van. After I had it all back together the steering wheel rolls to the right automatically when you start the van, just parked there. Thought I grabbed a bad steering box so I went and exchanged it but no luck the other one leaked around the spline. So i put the other one that pulls the wheel a little bit back in. Figured it was better than a leaky one. My question is does anyone know if there is a valve to be replaced that will fix the steering pull issue or something that will fix this issue. Or should i just get a brand new steering box?
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so your saying even though there isn't much play when you loosen those bolts for the steering valve body you can still get the valve to move a little with a small taps from a hammer or something like that. Sorry this is my first expierence dealing with anything like this just want to make sure.
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