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It sounds like the negative lead from your coil is remaining grounded, permitting current to flow to ground rather than generate a spark. With electronic ignitions, the coil ground goes back to the ignition control module, which opens and closes this circuit intermittently to create spark from the coil. It is the same principle as points/condenser, only it is controlled electronically rather than mechanically. I am not particularly familiar with how lean burn is set up, but I would guess that the lean burn spark controller does the same thing. If you are hooking a non-lean burn distributor and carb up to a lean burn control module, it is likely that the control module is not recieving the info from the distributor (you said there was one plug that was not hooked up) that it needs to properly ground and un-ground your coil. I think that dana44 is right; you should either swap to a lean burn compatable distributor or swap in a mopar performance electronic control module. And whether you make everything lean burn compatable or ditch the lean burn spark controller alltogether in favor of the early electronic control module, make sure you have the proper wiring diagram.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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